Phil and EJ Blohm Andrew, Ben, Michael, Matthew

Phil and EJ Blohm
Andrew, Ben, Michael, Matthew

We are Phil and EJ Blohm, missionaries with Africa Inland Mission’s aviation ministry, AIM AIR. Our four sons are Andrew, Ben, Michael and Matthew.  We moved to Nairobi, Kenya in July 2015.

Click here to watch our October 2016 video!

Or here for October 2015 video.

Phil has a background in mechanical engineering.  He loves to fix things!  He also loves airplanes. Phil’s role as an airplane mechanic fits both of those things!  AIM AIR flies people and supplies in and out of eight different countries.  The main hangar in Nairobi handles most of the inspections and repairs.  It’s a life line for those missionaries out in the bush.

EJ is homeschooling the boys (3rd, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades this year).  She and the boys are building relationships in our Kenyan neighborhood.  She is also involved with a ladies prayer group for AIM wives.  She loves to encourage them in their God walk and receives encouragement in return.

Our journey to Kenya has taken a long time – ten years from when we first said yes to God’s nudge until we landed in Nairobi.  God has been faithful in every step.  Even in the moments when we felt like we would never get here, God was at work – preparing us and providing for us.  Check out the audio link to hear us share parts of our story at Phil’s sister’s church.

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