July 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Greetings from Nairobi!

At the Atlanta airport with our luggage.  Between everyone in our group there were over 150 pieces!

At the Atlanta airport with our luggage. Between everyone in our group there were over 150 pieces!

We made it safely in the wee hours of the night on Friday, July 10.  Our first international crossing-the-ocean flight as a family!  We met a Kenyan family on the second leg of the trip who had been assigned seats all over the plane – including their three small children.  As it turned out, folks gave up their seats so they could be in the same area and our three big boys, who were sitting in a row together next to me, gave up their seats so the dad and two of the kids could sit together.  We met up again at the baggage claim area and they thanked us profusely.  Turns out they are believers in Jesus!

Our first few days have been spent at Mayfield Guesthouse (see photo for meal table), At the tablerecovering from the lack of sleep, jet lag, altitude change, etc.  It took a good three days to feel somewhat human again.  Michael and Matthew had a day of throwing up and headaches, a few sore throats, but we’re all feeling much better now.

Today – Tuesday, July 14, we head to Nakuru, Kenya for Africa Based Orientation.  It’s a three week course full of classes, field trips and cultural learning.  We traveled to Kenya with 7 other families, and they will be at ABO with us, along with a number of other folks who have joined us here at Mayfield. All of us with a heart for Africa, serving in different areas and different places.  Internet will be slower there, so I’ll try to make a few Facebook posts, but I am not counting on much else.

After ABO, we’ll come back to Nairobi for language learning.  We’ll be staying at a transition house in our new neighborhood (we got a peek at it already!) during the language learning time, getting our new house set up with a stove, furniture, etc.  One of the biggest things we’ve been learning is to be flexible.

Thank you for praying for us – for giving to us – for encouraging us as we go.  We have a lot to learn yet – but we are so excited to be on Kenyan soil at last!  The boys are doing fabulous with all the younger kids in our group (there are a ton of them!) – one of the moms thought they were seasoned missionary kids.  They really are seasoned – just new to Africa.

So many things that we have gone through and experienced in the past have come to the surface in positive ways the last few days.  God is faithful!

Many blessings to you, please keep in touch!  Please don’t stop giving and praying.  We are counting on all of you!  We are in this together!

Phil and EJ Blohm

Andrew, Ben, Michael and Matthew

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