Preacher Michael

The boys were playing soccer the other day and got to talking with a few of the neighborhood boys about faith and religion. One of them asked if Michael was a Muslim. “No, I’m a Christian.”

The boy responded somewhat mockingly, “Preacher Michael! If you are a Christian, then you should preach to us.” Michael grabbed hold of the opportunity and told the boys that Jesus loves them, that He died for their sins and rose again.

One of them was Muslim.  Even though there was laughter and mild mocking, I know the boys are listening – and watching.

Each month we have to pay a security fee – Francis came by last night to collect it.  He told Phil and I that he enjoys seeing the boys play.  Even when we think no one is watching, they are.

A few of the regular boys who congregate to play ball.

It’s not easy being the new kid on the block.  It’s not easy being the “mzungu” kids (white kids).

Pray for Andrew, Ben, Michael and Matthew as they are lights on the soccer field – and that they can always be ready to share the Hope that is in them.

Pray for the neighbor boys’ hearts to be open to Jesus.


One thought on “Preacher Michael

  1. Hello from Scandinavia Wi. The colors are slowly fading. We have an overabundance of
    apples which we are trying to share with everyone. But one never knows if we’ll have that
    many next year so I try to process as much as I dare. I will pray for your work permits and
    your vehicle fund. I will also ask the women’s bible study group for prayers for all of you.
    I truly enjoy hearing from you! I can’t imagine how you do it but as Pastor says “Only by the grace of God”.
    God’s Blessings to all.
    Hugs, Nan Lantz

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