11 months in and doing fine

Phil’s attention to detail has been appreciated in the AIM AIR maintenance shop.  He

villagers gather to meet the AIM AIR plane

Villagers gather to meet the AIM AIR plane

often gets to do the paperwork for the same reason!  He enjoys working on the planes and is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the larger picture of AIM AIR.  It’s exciting to hear about and meet the people who are impacted by AIM AIR flights.  In the last three months we flew 620 passengers! Flight hours topped 500 – which resulted in numerous maintenance inspections.

He often gives some of the Kenyan staff rides home, which is a great blessing to them (public transportation just isn’t very fun!) and gives him a chance to practice more Swahili.

On the home front, EJ and the boys are settling in more and more.  Things that used to be strange or difficult (like the vegetable washing process, calling a taxi, handling repairmen) are becoming more normal.  At night we have seven locks to check on all our doors, five are padlocks – that was not normal before!

Ndungu, Maxwell and Matthew are best buds!

Ndungu, Maxwell and Matthew are best buds!

Matthew has certainly grown more independent in our neighborhood!  He has 2-3 buddies who have helped him grow in confidence.  We are grateful for his Kenyan friends who come play on a regular basis.  He also enjoyed the weekly homeschool co-op we attended this semester.

We continue to serve through hospitality, hosting folks for meals way more than we ever did in the States.  EJ definitely has a heart for the missionary wives.  Phil enjoys using his driving ability to cart new folks to the store.  What a blessing to realize how much we have really learned in the last 11 months! Our Kenyan neighborhood has seven missionary homes (out of 100 houses), and those that live there change often.  Life is always in flux and we’ve learned to make friends quickly and stay flexible.

Counselor Chase, Ben, Mike, Andrew, Jonathan and in back, Daniel

Counselor Chase, Ben, Mike, Andrew, Jonathan and in back, Daniel

The older three boys were able to attend a Christian youth camp recently, what a great week!  Have you ever seen giraffes on the side of the road as you drove your kids to camp?  On an adventure hike they found themselves walking among zebras, gazelles, giraffes and wildebeest!  First time experiences for sure!

EJ stays connected with the AIM missionary ladies through a weekly prayer meeting.  It’s so important for us to be encouraged and uplifted.  She embraces these times with joy!  Recently she organized a get together for them, which was well attended.  The ladies’ positive feedback will likely lead to another luncheon.

IMG_0464EJ continues to meet with our Rwandan neighbor for Bible study and prayer.  Slowly by slowly, relationships are being built with those around us.  Just yesterday a different neighbor asked if we’d be interested in a couple’s Bible study.  Pray for those details!  It’s been exciting to see who the Lord puts into our life, of all different races.  Discipleship, encouragement, mentoring – things that God has been preparing us for all along – now coming into fruition.

Now that the big rains have ceased (we’re headed into the winter season soon!), the soccer games within the neighborhood will begin again, which gives Phil and the older boys a chance for exercise, fellowship and

Deciding which plate of cream puffs is best!

Deciding which plate of cream puffs is best!

relationship building.

Phil was drafted to be the taste testing judge for the cream puff competition that a few of the neighbor gals put together.  Tough job really, but someone had to try them!  His job description just keeps expanding!

One of the police officers at the airport entrance recently asked Phil, “Where is my Bible?  You promised me a NIV Bible!”  Phil didn’t remember any such promise!  Phil honored his request and brought him a brand new NIV Bible.  The officer was SO happy!  He took Phil’s hand, eyes bright with anticipation, and said “My heart is very happy!”  Pray for this officer to understand what he reads.

The hangar where all the magic happens!

Our job as missionaries doesn’t look like traditional missionaries who live in the bush; yet it is vital to the Kingdom! Our work from the big city of Nairobi enables the push for reaching the unreached people groups of Africa to continue.  Your support and prayer make a difference!  We thank you for investing in us as we invest in those in Kenya and beyond.

Our vehicle fund continues to grow.  Many thanks for your generous gifts towards this project.  We still need about $4,000 before we can purchase a van. Pray for the van hunt!

To contribute to the fund, send a check to AIM, PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269 and write Blohm Vehicle Fund in the memo line.  Or give online at www.aimint.org/usa.

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