When War Hits Home

When War Hits Home

Matthew, Maxwell, Chris, and Ndungu - best buddies!

Matthew, Maxwell, Chris, and Ndungu – best buddies!

South Sudan has been in the news for a long time.  Recently, fighting has once again erupted to the point where missionaries and foreigners are being evacuated.  Our AIM AIR pilots have been busy! One of our pilots, Tom, described the airport in the capital, Juba, as intense.  As soon as the plane lifted off the ground, the relief from his Kenyan passengers was palpable.  Tom said it’s not a fun place to fly into right now, as procedures keep changing and one never knows what might happen with government officials.

I don’t understand all the politics and background involved.  Although I’ve been praying earnestly for all our pilots and their passengers, and checking up on the wives as their husbands are flying (Tom’s wife is my very close friend!), Phil is home safe each night. The one missionary family that I know in South Sudan happens to be back in Canada right now.  So, I haven’t been personally affected all that much.

Today, that changed.

The effects of the unrest DO reach us even here.  Matthew’s buddy Chris, in the blue vest, is from South Sudan (his dad is Kenyan).  He lived there until he was 3.  His South Sudanese mom still lives there, while he lives with his auntie and grandma in our neighborhood.

He told me today that he had hoped to go visit his mom in August, during school holiday.  But because of the fighting going on, the borders are closed to all South Sudanese.  No one goes out and no one goes in.  Chris will not be going to visit his mom.

My heart breaks for this 8 yr old boy, who cannot travel to his home country right now and who must worry about his mom’s safety every day.

Pray for the peace of South Sudan.  Pray for our pilots and that Phil and the maintenance team can keep the planes in perfect condition, ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

But from my mom heart to yours, pray that Chris and his mom will be reunited soon.

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  1. God bless and protect your family! You are in my heartfelt prayers!
    Thank you for your monthly report.
    Hugs to each of you!

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated! Prayers for peace, safety and a happy reunion soon!

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