Airplanes, leadership and college choices

  • The past year gave Phil and the AIM AIR maintenance crew plenty of experience with engine changes – 7 of them to be exact!
  • As part of being Assistant Quality Manager for the maintenance department, Phil recently completed a week long course called Quality Management Systems.
  • Paperwork is a necessity in aircraft maintenance. Phil often handles work orders, which are complete records of everything inspected, installed or repaired on a particular plane during that particular time period.
  • Sometimes our pilots deliver interesting items to missionaries who live in the bush. A pair of hearing aids recently made a circuitous trip before arriving in South Sudan on an AIM AIR flight.
  • Another pilot recently flew a short term team into a refugee camp in northern Kenya for medical relief work.
  • AIM AIR transported a tractor into South Sudan for a partner mission group to dig wells. Phil didn’t think it would fit into the plane, but after some disassembling, it did!
  • AIM AIR flew four tons of shelter materials and mosquito nets to Zande refugees in Central Africa Republic. This region has been rift with tension—pray for peace!


Our church is slowly introducing the concept of small groups to the congregation, and we are honored to be one of the leaders. Once a month everyone meets with folks who live in their own part of town. The goal is to eventually meet in homes, but for now we meet on Sunday mornings for about 30 minutes during the normal sermon time.
Pray for Phil as he leads our group. We are realizing that cross cultural discipleship can be challenging as our frame of reference tends to be different. We are learning so much and are excited to branch out into this new ministry.

Winnie, Beatrice, EJ, Mercy, Diana

Pray for Winnie, Beatrice, Mercy, and Diana, who are medical students at a local college. They stopped EJ after our last meeting and asked for a “selfie”. Pray that she can encourage them and build relationships with them.




  • Our homeschool co-op began in February. With over 30 multi-cultural families that total close to 70 children, it’s provided EJ and the boys lots of new friendships. Benji continues as Assistant Coach for the PE classes. EJ serves as administrator within the leadership team, which has given her opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Benji will attend Concordia University Wisconsin this fall! Andrew also anticipates finding his niche with technical school or in the workforce. Pray for them both as they launch into America living again.
  • Our first official home assignment begins in June! We’ll be Stateside for about 7 months before returning to Kenya. Pray for all the logistics involved, for the significant changes coming up in our family, and for good connections with supporters, friends and family.
  • Michael and Ben are playing basketball each week with a group of Kenyan teens. They are enjoying the friendships while increasing their skills.
  • Andrew had a recent opportunity to help a friend build a shed at a baby orphanage. He told us about meeting a tiny 7 week old baby who had been rescued from a latrine.
  • Phil’s parents were able to visit us for a week in January! What a blessing and encouragement it was to give them a glimpse into our lives here in Nairobi.

Phil Sr, Andrew, Michael, Phil, EJ, Benji, Jan, and Matthew in front


  1. AIM AIR is currently undergoing recertification with the Kenyan Aviation Authority. Pray for favor and a smooth process.
  2. Michael turned 17 in February! Pray for him as he considers his future. He’ll be graduating high school in 2019.
  3. Pray for rain! While we have not suffered a water shortage, so many in Kenya have. Our househelp’s parents told her that they are not able to grow vegetables anymore due to the dry conditions.
  4. We need a vehicle to use while we are in the States—one that the boys can continue learning to drive with, and one that will handle a lot of traveling. Both older boys need computers for school.
  5. Pray for our finances. We need to resume raising monthly support, as a number of our donors have passed away or have become unable to give. God knows our needs! To give online, go to or send a check to Africa Inland Mission, PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269


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John 15:31—The Father said to him,

“You are always with me, everything I have is yours.”

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