11 months in and doing fine

Phil’s attention to detail has been appreciated in the AIM AIR maintenance shop.  He often gets to do the paperwork for the same reason!  He enjoys working on the planes and is grateful for the opportunity to be part of … Continue reading

Relationships to the rescue!

“Hey, hon!  I almost didn’t make it to work today,” Phil casually announced as he walked in the door Thursday evening. It has been drilled into us from the moment of our arrival – relationships are important in Kenya.  Get … Continue reading

First Christmas in Kenya

“Hey, wait for me!” I heard from the kitchen.  I smiled as one of our Kenyan neighbor boys hurried to catch up to Benji.  They were all headed to the field for soccer!  While that isn’t an unusual event around … Continue reading

November: thankful moments galore!

We try to practice thankfulness all year round, not just in November.  However, last month we were ever so thankful for answered prayer! Nov. 2 – our work permits arrived!  This was a huge answer to prayer!  Phil’s passport was … Continue reading

Preacher Michael

The boys were playing soccer the other day and got to talking with a few of the neighborhood boys about faith and religion. One of them asked if Michael was a Muslim. “No, I’m a Christian.” The boy responded somewhat … Continue reading

House help

House help.  It means to hire someone who helps around the house.  I knew this was an expected part of life in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, but I didn’t expect the myriad of emotions involved! Meet Sarah.  She was introduced to … Continue reading

Clock shopping 101

by Phil Our neighbor and fellow AIM AIR missionary, Tom, took me to the store recently to get a stove, coffee pot, and wall clock.  Just getting to the store on the Nairobi streets is an adventure in itself.  Once … Continue reading

The sparkle ladies

Today I met my Kenyan prayer sister, one who wears a red hat and sparkles with the love of Jesus.  One I may never see again – but a sister none the less.  Her name is Leah (Lay-ah). My group … Continue reading

July 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Greetings from Nairobi! We made it safely in the wee hours of the night on Friday, July 10.  Our first international crossing-the-ocean flight as a family!  We met a Kenyan family on the second leg of … Continue reading

Roses, leaks and those kinds of weeks

A few weeks ago was one of those weeks. You know the kind, where nothing seems to go quite right. A knock at the door Monday night revealed a leaking water pump into the downstairs apartment. The couch legs broke, … Continue reading