Car owners at last

We’re excited to announce that we are the proud owners for a ‘new to us’ mini van – a 2005 Toyota Alphard.  It’s a Japanese manufactured car, so the owners manual is in Japanese.  Due to his love of manuals, … Continue reading

When War Hits Home

When War Hits Home South Sudan has been in the news for a long time.  Recently, fighting has once again erupted to the point where missionaries and foreigners are being evacuated.  Our AIM AIR pilots have been busy! One of … Continue reading

Relationships to the rescue!

“Hey, hon!  I almost didn’t make it to work today,” Phil casually announced as he walked in the door Thursday evening. It has been drilled into us from the moment of our arrival – relationships are important in Kenya.  Get … Continue reading

First Christmas in Kenya

“Hey, wait for me!” I heard from the kitchen.  I smiled as one of our Kenyan neighbor boys hurried to catch up to Benji.  They were all headed to the field for soccer!  While that isn’t an unusual event around … Continue reading

November: thankful moments galore!

We try to practice thankfulness all year round, not just in November.  However, last month we were ever so thankful for answered prayer! Nov. 2 – our work permits arrived!  This was a huge answer to prayer!  Phil’s passport was … Continue reading

Preacher Michael

The boys were playing soccer the other day and got to talking with a few of the neighborhood boys about faith and religion. One of them asked if Michael was a Muslim. “No, I’m a Christian.” The boy responded somewhat … Continue reading

House help

House help.  It means to hire someone who helps around the house.  I knew this was an expected part of life in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, but I didn’t expect the myriad of emotions involved! Meet Sarah.  She was introduced to … Continue reading

Clock shopping 101

by Phil Our neighbor and fellow AIM AIR missionary, Tom, took me to the store recently to get a stove, coffee pot, and wall clock.  Just getting to the store on the Nairobi streets is an adventure in itself.  Once … Continue reading

The sparkle ladies

Today I met my Kenyan prayer sister, one who wears a red hat and sparkles with the love of Jesus.  One I may never see again – but a sister none the less.  Her name is Leah (Lay-ah). My group … Continue reading

Roses, leaks and those kinds of weeks

A few weeks ago was one of those weeks. You know the kind, where nothing seems to go quite right. A knock at the door Monday night revealed a leaking water pump into the downstairs apartment. The couch legs broke, … Continue reading